GitHub: How to Embed GitHub Contribution on your Webpage?

If you are an Open Source contributor and contribute to open source project via GitHub, wouldn’t it be fascinating if you could display your GitHub Contribution in your personal site?  From our last blog we found a way to generate our resume:

GitHub: Create your Awesome Resume with

But there was no information about your commit. So this blog can be helpful because now you can display your Contribution in your personal website/blog. On today’s Blog, we will be exploring another open source project which displays your GitHub Contributions Timeline. And we can embed that contribution timeline on any website we want.

sigdelsanjog Blue Github chart
Sanjog Sigdel’s GitHub Contribution

We are going to display our GitHub Profile Contribution Timeline suing GITHUB CHART API. This API is an Open Source Project maintained by Rushi Shah.

Displaying the contribution is quite simple. All you need to do is copy the embed link in your blog.