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[Python Json to List] How to Parse Items in a Json File to List?

I have a JSON file that has news headlines from different reporters and news sources. The contents of JSON file are shown below:

  "headline": "Weather is getting worse in Nepal",
  "reporter": "XYZ",
  "link": ""
  "headline": "Nepal launches its new Political Map",
  "reporter": "Abc",
  "link": ""
  "headline": "Ten more people died of COVID-19 in India",
  "reporter": "IND",
  "link": ""
  "headline": "PM Oli health condition is better",
  "reporter": "dfg",
  "link": ""

Now my goal here in this blog is to make a list of news headlines, reporters, and news sources such that I can run the further comparison as per my need. In order to do so, I used the JSON library in python. The source code is shown below:

import json

with open("news_headline.json", 'r') as f:
    repo = json.load(f)

headlines = []
reporter = []
source = []
for item in repo:

print("Headlines are: \n",headlines,
      "\nThe reporters are: \n", reporter,
      "\nThe news source are: \n", source)

The output of this code is shown below:

Headlines are:
['Weather is getting worse in Nepal', 'Nepal launches its new Political Map', 'Ten more people died of COVID-19 in India', 'PM Oli health condition is better']
The reporters are:
['XYZ', 'Abc', 'IND', 'dfg']
The news source are:
['', '', '', '']