sending an email through gmail using python

10 Hacks to Fasten Windows 10 and 11 on Older and New PC.

You might be in dilemma by looking into the minimum Hardware specifications specified by Microsoft to install windows 10. Many articles just suggest you to clear the cache files and hence speed-ups your PC. But it doesn’t work in windows boot-up speed. You feel performance degradation in older PCs because you try to perform multitasking by opening multiple applications at once. Remember, surfing multiple websites in a new tab via browser utilizes too much RAM. So, in this article, we try to bring out multiple steps to speed up your PCs.

How to configure Environment Specific settings in Python Django Framework?

There are certain configurations in your such as DEBUG, STATIC_URL, DATABASES, SECRET_KEY, ALLOWED_HOSTS, etc. These settings are actually the ones that you need to look after while deploying to the production environment. Whenever your application goes live, you shouldn’t display your debug logs, or error messages on the browsers. This will make your application vulnerable. Also you might want to put different secret keys.