UBUNTU 16.04: How to Completely Reset Wifi Settings?

I was struggling with this Wifi issue for three days now and I almost gave up. But then a single command saved my ass! I was about to reinstall Ubuntu again. But I survived the frustration.


  • My Wifi was On but it was not listing any Wifi so that I can connect
  • I could surf the internet via LAN Connection
  • The wifi status is enabled and I checked for available connection via terminal using this command: sudo nmcli conn but didn’t see any connection. 
  • Networking connectivity is full, I can check it via my terminal with this command:
    nmcli networking connectivity check
  • I turned down all network interfaces with ifdown  and upagain with ifup  but it didn’t work

Today’s blog is a quick solution to hard reset your Wifi Settings. As a quick note it is necessary to know that Linux based OS(Ubuntu in my case) saves its network lists i.e. all connections in this . location: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ 

You can find all your Wifi connections ssid  listed inside this folder. Whenever you have issue with your wifi like case similar to mine, perform two steps:

  • Remove all system connections from the system-connection folder:
    sudo rm-f /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/*
  • Then kill the signal which is running the process NetworkManager
    sudo pkill -9 NetworkManager -9
    means SIGKILL to kill a signal that is ignoring or is hidden.

This remover all the connections resets Network Manager, restarts your wifi connection. Now the issue is solved. You can connect to your wifi signal and browse the internet.