What is This “Pro” Tag in Github?

It’s been a month that I am noticing this “Pro” Tag in my Github Profile. Is it the same with you?

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Today’s blog is a short and also a quick update about the changes on Github. It’s been about a month that I am noticing this PRO badge on my github profile. It was surprising. Since Github is a dedicated hub for developers and and open source contributors, I thought I was ranked as a pro contributor or a developer here. But in either cases, it would be wrong. Neither I am a pro developer nor am I actively contributing on github.At the same time I checked with some of the pro developers who are actively maintaining their code in Github. Users like @amitness and @techgaun are active developers who maintain their code publicly at github.

“PRO” Tag on Github.

Github now shows this PRO Badge to those users who are either using the paid planning or are enrolled in the education program. Since I’m a student member of Github associated with my ku.edu.np email, I am also seeing this tag.

But this “Pro” Tag is irrelevant to me. As I’m not a regular contributor and maintain my codes only a few times. There is also the option to hide it. Clicking the edit button, I can select or un-select the Tag displaying option.

That’s all about the Github’s PRO Tag. Besides the pro tag Github has also added our profile status. Now we can set if we are active, busy on work, or working remotely. We can also set out the status quote below our profile picture.

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