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MySQL Server 8.0.15(Community Edition) Easy Installation in Windows 10

It took me a few hours to figure out the proper way of installing MySQL server in Windows. I wanted to install MySQL to perform some CRUD operations in python. SI required two different things before doing the exact programming:

  1. MySQL Server
  2. MySQL module for python3

Installing the MySQL module in python while running a Windows system became a hectic job for me. I will mention the hurdles and the easiest way i.e. one single command that worked for my machine in another blog post. But for now, let’s go through the MySQL server installation.

I downloaded MySQL Server Community edition which is free.

Developers, if you want MySQL server installed on your machine, First download the MySQL Installer. After that installing the server is easy.

I downloaded the server, unzip it, placed it inside C: drive created a path in environment variables and did a couple more stuff following a number of blogs. But I got screwed, I didn’t get MySQL server running in my command prompt. So let’s begin

Download the Installer from this URL:

After the Installation of MySQL Installer is completed go through the Installer. That’s the only installation file you need to download. Rest of the MySQL stuff such as Server, Connectors, Workbench can be downloaded.

The screenshot below shows all products available at MySQL Installer.


After downloading the Installer you can download the server and go through the installation which is easy. (Sorry people I won’t be adding screenshot over screenshots. Installation via Installer is damn easy). It only took me almost two hours to figure out the right way.