How to Remove Third-party Apps That Access your Gmail Account?

I’m using at least two to three different applications online in a month. All of them need to be signed up with our email accounts. Being a Gmail account holder I checked today that there are 49 web services linked with my Gmail account. All those web services are some applications. Also, I am not sure if I use all of them in recent days. Therefore I want to remove them to ensure that my data is not being tracked or tampered by those applications. Removing them is pretty easy.

Today I’m going to share the step by step guide for monitoring Third-Party apps with your Google account access. This is an easy tutorial which most of you might be familiar with. Although, go through steps and review your third-party applications:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the top right corner where your account profile thumbnail is displayed. Click Google Account
  3. On the left panel, Click Security.
  4. Scroll down and look for the section “Third-party apps with account access”. Click Manage Third Party Access

That’s all now you have all list of applications which has access to your Google account. You can review them and remove them if you don’t use them anymore. It is a quick and easy thing but I recommend you to review them at least once. You never know if your account is connected with unnecessary apps. You don’t want to be cyberbullied, do you?

I also did my privacy review of Google Account today. I have my 2 step authentication enabled, my watch history is paused and app activities are not recorded by Google. There are these small things that stop us from letting google directly track your online activities. Noticed the term Directly? 😀 Indirectly you are already a citizen of the Google bubble that has already been created years ago by Google. To this date, the behavior that you do online is almost logged by Google. Also, they might have been sold to thousands of online ad providers. Good, you, me, and all of us helped Google to earn a few hundreds of dollars. But we should stop that, shouldn’t we? 

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