GitHub: How to Share your GitHub Gists on Medium?

Are you a writer at Medium? Are you a programmer who writes blog about your favorite programming language, tools and framework? And have you ever had difficulties on displaying your code snippets on any website? 
If you’ve faced any of the above-mentioned problems, then this blog will be helpful to you all. In order to embed your code snippets in your blog, there are many alternatives similar to that of codepen. But, if you all are well aware of GitHub Gist, it provides you with a link that you can embed it to your code.

Following steps will illustrate how to easily add Gist to your medium
  1. Create a Github Gist from this URL:
  2. After you create the public gist. Copy the URL of the gist from your browser’s URL bar.
  3. Remember not the embedded link but the Url on top of your browser.
  4. Paste it on your medium article and hit Enter.
  5. You can now automatically see your code snippet from GitHub Gist.