GitHub: Create your Awesome Resume with

Today’s blog is informative as well as interesting. It’s a fun post which I found today on Github. While I was googling several ways of creating resumes, I found this site which generates your resume based upon your contribution on GitHub.

The interesting part about this resume generating site is that on  6 Feb 2011 Creator of jQuery John Resig tweeted something about Github Commit logs over a resume:

When it comes to hiring, I’ll take a Github to commit log over a resume any day.

— John Resig (@jeresig) February 6, 2011

After this David Coallier started a project GITHUB RESUME GENERATOR on the same day 6 Feb 2011.

All you need to do is enter your GitHub username and press enter. It will automatically crawl to your repository and creates a resume for you. Resume covers the following section:

  • Name
  • GitHub Profile
  • Website
  • Languages
  • Popular Repositories
  • Contributions
  • Organizations

This info is all you need to let people know what kind of developer you are. Rather than the long page CV, this GitHub resume will help define your skills, community participation in open source projects as well as contribution and level of expertise which tech companies are always searching for.

So from now on, if a company asks for your resume provide them your GitHub resume 🙂

Next Blog will be about adding our Github Contribution in websites/blogs:
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