GIT ERROR fatal: I don’t handle protocol ‘ https’ A Minor Issue With An Easy Fix.

Okay, let’s not take much of your time. Let us understand the problem first. The solution is easy.

fatal: I don’t handle protocol ‘ https’

You will encounter this issue in the beginning steps while setting up your git repository. Below are the cases when you will get this issue:

  1. You created a git repository locally, added remote and trying to pull from the origin.
  2. You cloned an online repository for the first time in a fresh location, and now you want to commit the local changes to the origin.

So why is not handling the https protocol?

It is because you have not configured your git credentials. Do these fresh checks to make sure that your repository credentials are configured. In your console type:

git config --global
git config --global

These commands will display your username and email id that is associated with your remote repository. If it doesn’t display any username and email. You don’t have to worry about it. Again type following commands and add your username and email id:

git config --global "yourusername"
git config --global "youremailid"

Now if you have your credentials setup. Now it’s time to check if the issue related to the protocol exists or not. This solves your issue. Again in your console, type:

git pull origin

Now the repository will be fetched o your local repository. It the repository is a protected repository, it will ask you to enter your password. You might be asked to enter a password while entering the push command. This issue is hence categorized as a minor issue that has simple tricks.