Python Django Tutorial for Beginners

Welcome to the Tutorial Series on Django Framework Tutorial here at TheQuickBlog. This blog series is targeted to the beginners who either have some basic knowledge about earlier versions of Django Framework or the ones who are completely new on it. This is the landing page of our tutorial where we will try to organize the posts created on Django Framework in a chronological order.

Django Project Tutorials

  1. How to Activate Python Virtualenv / Virtual Environment in Linux?
  2. How to Install Django Framework? Helloworld Django
    This shows the installation of Django Framework and other necessary modules in required further in the project.
  3. Create requirements.txt file with pip freeze
  4. Django Tutorial Make Initial Migration And Create Superuser/

With these four tutorials, you have now setup your first Django project.

Django Project and Django App

Django Project and Django App are two different things. We will now create a Django App called Restautrants. In this application we will be creating features such as finding food items and reading details of the products, such as price, item category etc. Next we can also create another app called Payment. This app will have a separate responsibilities such as payment method, cash checkout, bookings, etc.

  1. A Django Project can have multiple Django Application
  2. Each application can have their own admin configuration, routes and databases that they use

Now you might have a clear idea about what Django Project and Django App really is. Next the tutorials will guide through the making of a Django Application.

Django App Tutorials

  1. Create a New Django Application. Drillthrough of the project Directory
  2. Render Your First Django View: Method Based View
  3. Implementation of Authentication, Login, Logout, Registration, URLs for logged in Users

Additional Features in the Course

After we are done with creating a web app and performing the CRUD operations we will cover some custom features in our application. Following are some custom features:

1. Table Search filter using Django filters