[Orange3 Installation] No module named PyQt5.QtSvg

We have written a blog on the installation of the Orange Data Mining Tool some time back. The link to the stepwise installation is given below:

How to install orange data mining software in ubuntu-1804?

On the first installation while writing the installation tutorial, Orange was successfully downloaded. But after opening the software after some time I faced the error related to the module QtSvg.

No module named PyQt5.QtSvg

This is a minor issue and has an easy fix. In order to resolve the no module found issue, you need to install the required module. Installing module can be done from pip. But somehow it didn’t work. So with little research we found that Ubuntu repository has this module which we can download from the central repository.

In your terminal type:

sudo apt install python3-pyqt5.qtsvg

Remember that we are installing Orange3 and the default version of python is python3. After installation of pyqt5.qtsvg module type: