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[Jupyter Notebook] IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/.jupyter/jupyter_notebook_config.json’

On our previous blog we wrote the solution for EnvironmentError in python. If you are facing such error while installing any packages in python via pip then check the link below:

ERROR: Could not install packages due to an EnvironmentError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/usr/local/bin/jupyter’

This blog is about the Permission Denied issue caused while installing and running the Jupyter Notebook.

jupyter_notebook_config.json File in Jupyter Notebook

Initially when we install Jupyter Notebook the default settings runs the Jupyter Notebook in localhost. It also runs a Kernel on its own default settings. But however, say you want to set a password to keep the notebook safe. You might also want to point the default URL of your notebook to something other than localhost. In that case we need to add those settings in config file.

Creating the Jupyter notebook config file is an easy task and this is covered in another blog where we have written how to enable password protection in Jupyter Notebook. Check the link below if you want to add password protection in your Jupyter Notebook Here:

[How to] Password Protect your Jupyter Notebook

This error [Jupyter Notebook] IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/.jupyter/jupyter_notebook_config.json’ occurs because the current user i.e. you do not have the right permission to access that file. In order to access that file we need to change the file permission of the config file like when below:

sudo chmod 777 .jupyter/jupyter_notebook_config.json

Since I am running the notebook in my localhost server, I am not actually concerned about who accesses the notebook. Also I have my security enabled via password protection. But if you are deploying your notebook in production environment or any live URL than you would not want to provide the file permission 777.