How to Install Orange Data Mining Software in Ubuntu 18.04?


Orange is a Free and Open Source Software released under the GNU General Public License. Orange is a modular machine learning and data mining application developed at the Bioinformatics Laboratory, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It’s a python application which is very fruitful to play with data.

Orange can be installed via its binary, or Anaconda and via standard python library. Not every installation method works in your machine due to various library and modules support issues.

Installation of Orange Data Mining Software in Ubuntu via PIP

This tutorial covers the installation of Orange Data Mining Software via PIP. Since I don’t want to install Anaconda or have idea with installation via binary executables. Since the pip installation worked for me here are the steps to begin the installation:

Install some build requirements via your system's package manager
sudo apt install virtualenv build-essential python3-dev
Create a separate Python environment for Orange and its dependencies ...
virtualenv --python=python3 --system-site-packages orange3venv

Activate the virtual environment. Know more about virtual environment installation here:

Install Qt dependencies for the GUI

pip install PyQt5 PyQtWebEngine
Finally, Install Orange
pip install orange3

The installation part is now complete and in order to run the Orange GUI, first make sure that your virtual environment is activated. The GUI can be started from any of the following commands:

# or
python3 -m Orange.canvas