Github Secret: Add README to your Github profile

Basically on your github profile all you can see is the following items:

  • Pinned repositories
  • Contribution Graph
  • Contribution Activities

But how about making your GitHub profile a bit more descriptive. Definitely, people will see all your code contributions and programming languages you know from the repositories. But what if you could add some kind of portfolio where you could list the projects you have completed, conferences you have attended. Yes, I am talking about adding a readme that can include anything like a resume or a text list that lists all the things which you want to show on your profile.

A simple example would be something like this, which I did on my github profile:

Isn’t it cool? I have briefly described who I am, what am I doing, what are the things I love and what kind of collaboration I am looking forward to. If you also want to learn this secret than follow the blog till the end:


Github recently released a cool feature with the help of which we can display a readme file on our github profile. To do so first we need to create a github repository with the name of our github username.

After Creating the repository we should also have a README initialized or can create later. If you will initialize your profile with a readme than your updated profile will look something like this:

There is a section which displays Hi there with a waving hand emoji. Now just edit the readme file and create your own profile the way you want to. The first image above is the one I created for my github profile:sigdelsanjog